altafiber and Bridgewired Join Forces!


On June 14, 2023, Bridgewired and altafiber announced the transaction in which altafiber will acquire Bridgewired's broadband infrastructure, which provides high-speed Internet connectivity to residential and small business customers, as well as its customer base.

With a history that spans more than 150 years and with more than 1,500 current employees based in Greater Cincinnati, altafiber is an experienced communications and entertainment service provider. In addition to delivering high-speed fiber internet, altafiber will expand the services available to Bridgewired's current and potential customers to include video and voice services over the next year.

"We look forward to delivering an outstanding customer experience to Bridgewired customers in Warren, Greene, and Clinton counties" - Jason Praeter, President of Consumer and Small Business for altafiber.




About altafiber

Cincinnati Bell is now doing business as "altafiber" in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The Company delivers integrated communications solutions to residential and business customers over its fiber-optic network including high-speed internet, video, voice and data. The Company also provides service in Hawai'i under the brand Hawaiian Telcom. In addition, the Company's enterprise customers across the United States and Canada rely on CBTS and OnX, Cincinnati Bell's wholly-owned subsidiaries, for efficient, scalable office communications systems and end-to-end IT solutions. For more information, please visit The information on the Company's website is not incorporated by reference in this press release.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is altafiber?

altafiber is headquartered in Greater Cincinnati and was formerly known as Cincinnati Bell. altafiber delivers integrated communications solutions to residential and business consumers in Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana over its fiber-optic network including high-speed Internet, video, voice and data.

What is the timeline for altafiber to assume responsibility for the fiber infrastructure?

The transaction was completed in July 2023.

As part of the transaction, Bridgewired has agreed to provide certain customer support and network operations functions on altafiber's behalf for a transition period to ensure continuity of service for Bridgewired customers. During that transition period, altafiber will begin migrating existing customers to the altafiber services platform on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, a process that is expected to take up to 9 months to complete.

When will the transition from Bridgewired to altafiber begin?

While the details of the transition plan and associated timing are in the process of being finalized, at this time we expect to begin transitioning customers in early 2024. Several weeks in advance of your migration date, an altafiber migration specialist will contact you to walk through the migration process and discuss available services, speeds and prices. The migration specialist will also work with you to select a convenient date and time for an altafiber field technician to visit your address and transfer your current Bridgewired services to altafiber's Fioptics network.

I am a Bridgewired customer. Will my Internet service change when the transaction is completed?

Your service will not change. altafiber is committed to providing you with an outstanding customer experience. In addition, altafiber plans to introduce new services including cable TV and phone service over the next year.

Do I have to change how I pay my bill

To help ensure a smooth transition of services, make sure to continue to pay your Bridgewired bills and that your account remains current throughout the transition period. Bridgewired will continue to issue billing on behalf of altafiber in the same manner until your service is transitioned to altafiber's network and billing platform during the customer migration process.

At the time of migration, altafiber will provide customers with information on how to pay your altafiber bill.

Who should I contact if I am interested in altafiber service?

altafiber will reach out to existing customers, as well as new customers, as each neighborhood is released for sale by altafiber. At that time, phone and cable TV may also be added to the service bundle.

If you are not a current Bridgewired customer, but are interested in being notified when altafiber services are in your area, submit your information in the form below.


Will my Bridgewired internet price change once I am migrated to altafiber internet?
altafiber will migrate existing Bridgewired customers to an equivalent altafiber internet speed (same Internet speed or higher) and lock in their same rate for 3 years. There will be options to rent a router and mesh network supported by altafiber at an additional cost, if you choose.


What can I expect prior to and during the installation appointment?

Prior to your appointment, an altafiber technician will attempt to contact you via phone to confirm the scheduled time and any additional details. If the call-ahead reminder is not answered, your technician will leave a voicemail regarding the missed visit with instructions on scheduling a different appointment window.

During the migration appointment, there will be a brief interruption of internet services, lasting up to one hour, while the technician upgrades equipment installed at the home to work on our network. If you choose to rent a WiFi gateway from altafiber, the technician will also install a gateway device in your home at this time. Before leaving your home, the technician will confirm your service is running as expected, give you an overview of your new equipment, and answer any questions you may have.

Which organization should I contact if there is an issue with my service?

During the transition period and prior to the migration of your service to altafiber, please continue to contact Bridgewired if you have service issues. During your migration appointment, the altafiber technician will provide you with information on how to resolve service issues. altafiber offers multiple communication channels including voice, email, and chat.

I am a business owner. What will this mean for me?

altafiber has an experienced team of executives who support business customers throughout Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana. We look forward to leveraging the fiber network to deliver superior integrated offerings for Bridgewired's business customers.

Does altafiber offer any low income options?

altafiber participates in the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program, and post-closing of the transaction any current or new customer will be eligible to apply for the $30 discount to their Internet. To learn more and see if you qualify  please visit

What did Bridgewired and altafiber announce?

Bridgewired and altafiber announced an agreement in which the Cincinnati-based technology company will acquire Bridgewired's broadband infrastructure.