altafiber's Commitment to Education

We're dedicated to elevating education and enabling digital equity by providing students access to high speed Internet connectivity and resources they may not have access to otherwise. Giving back to the communities we serve and helping them stay connected and grow - it's in our fiber.

An elevated connection means more than faster speeds. It means bringing educational opportunities to new heights.


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Financial Support


Our partnership with Taft Information Technology High School

With a partnership of over 20 years, see how Taft High School has elevated education through access to technology and resources from altafiber.

  • $500,000 in technology support

  • $1.2 million in tuition support

  • $230,000 in other donations



Impact Stories in the Real World

Watch how local schools are benefiting from altafiber investments in their communities.



UniCity works to close the digital divide by giving high-speed internet access to students and residents who may not be able to afford it otherwise.
FINAL CB 2021 Wrap Up Video-thumb

NKY Expansion

altafiber is proud to showcase our Fiber Internet expansion in the Northern Kentucky area, giving a whole new area access to fiber-optic internet.

Covington Housing Authority Partnership

In conjunction with our UniCity initiative, we were able to provide free Wi-Fi to two Covington neighborhoods, giving the students there the tools they need to learn from home.

Day in the Community at Oyler School

With help from our employees and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful we were able to give Oyler a makeover.

BREC Partnership

With Butler Rural Electric Cooperative we supplied over 2,000 homes with access to a fiber network. This allowed students and residents in rural areas to continue to participate in online activities and education.

Connect Our Students

altafiber's Connect our Students program is one of our efforts to bridge the digital equity divide where we've connected over 10,000 local students with free internet access for their homes.



To learn more about altafiber's charitable efforts, visit our Bell Charitable Foundation website.