Fiber is Coming to Mt. Sterling

Construction will begin in 2025-2026 to approximately 1,200 homes and businesses. altafiber anticipates completing this construction by 2025-2026. Submit your contact information to stay informed on updates and availability.


Mt Sterling


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is altafiber?

altafiber is headquartered in Greater Cincinnati and was formerly known as Cincinnati Bell. altafiber delivers integrated communications solutions to residential and business consumers in Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana over its fiber-optic network including high-speed Internet, video, voice and data.

What are the benefits to Mt. Sterling?

altafiber is an experienced operator with more than 1,500 talented employees who are based in Greater Cincinnati. altafiber is the right partner to own and manage the fiber infrastructure going forward and fully leverage this technology to improve the quality of life for residents, visitors, and business through various integrated services. Customers will now be able to realize the full value of a fiber-optic network that includes high-speed Internet, video, voice and data opportunities.

What is the construction and availability timeline?

Construction will begin in 2025-2026 to approximately 1,200 homes and businesses, with plans to complete this construction by 2025-2026.

If you have any more questions regarding construction, please visit our construction page.

What services will be available from altafiber?

altafiber will offer Internet powered by Fioptics. altafiber will continue to evaluate additional service options in hopes to offer voice and video in the future.

What is the fastest internet speed available?

Internet services powered by Fioptics are available in speeds ranging from 400 Mbps to 2 Gbps. Fiber technology allows for hyper-fast internet that is perfect for tasks like competitive gaming and HD video streaming.

What is altafiber's Internet pricing?

To view our pricing, visit our plans and pricing page here.


Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

We're so confident that you'll love the fiber difference, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. Try our service and if you don't like it, contact us and we won't bill you for your first month of service!

How do I contact someone for related issues?

For questions or concerns related to construction, please call 513-566-8130.

For questions or concerns related to sales or service, please call 513-565-5479.

Experience the fiber difference



100% fiber network

Switching to Fiber means a dedicated fiber line to your home that's not shared with your neighbors. Experience fiber the way it should be, at the speed of light.

30x faster than your average broadband internet connection

Switching to Fiber optic cables means more bandwidth for you and your home than what's possible on traditional metallic or coax lines.

300,000+ fiber customers

More than 300,000 customers trust and love the difference of using altafiber powered by fiber.

no data caps
No Data Caps

Unlimited potential is possible with our fiber network because we have no data caps or network throttling. 

Low Latency

Gamers and business customers alike choose altafiber because fiber is clearly a better choice for lower latency than other broadband options, due to its faster speeds and clearer transmissions.

More Fiber in More Places

Greater Cincinnati is one of the most fiber dense city in the nation with 61% covered with fiber to the home compared to large cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

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More facts about Fiber

Travel at the speed of light
Data is sent as light signals through glass fiber-optic cables which are thinner than human hair.
Faster Internet speeds
Fiber is able to offer faster upload and download speeds and is transmitted on a dedicated line. This allows for more consistent and reliable speeds than cable.
Durable and resistant
Fiber is less likely to go down during a power outage and is resistant to signal interference such as electric lines.
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