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100% fiber network

Switching to Fiber means a dedicated fiber line to your home that's not shared with your neighbors. Experience fiber the way it should be, at the speed of light.

30x faster than your average broadband internet connection

Switching to Fiber optic cables means more bandwidth for you and your home than what's possible on traditional metallic or coax lines.

300,000+ fiber customers

More than 300,000 customers trust and love the difference of using Cincinnati Bell powered by fiber.

no data caps
No Data Caps

Unlimited potential is possible with our fiber network because we have no data caps or network throttling. 

Low Latency

Gamers and business customers alike choose Cincinnati Bell because fiber is clearly a better choice for lower latency than other broadband options, due to its faster speeds and clearer transmissions.

More Fiber in More Places

Greater Cincinnati is one of the most fiber dense city in the nation with 61% covered with fiber to the home compared to large cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

Our experts address your top questions about fiber technology

Fiber vs. Metallic Cable Networks

Head of Network Operations Ron Beerman explains the different internet network types, and the unlimited potential of fiber.

Speeds over WiFi: Myths & FAQs

Design Engineer Kevin Newbold answers common questions about Wi-Fi connections.

Upload and Download Speeds

Head of Network Operations Ron Beerman talks about the importance of upload speeds for different applications of internet users today

More facts about Fiber

Travel at the speed of light
Data is sent as light signals through glass fiber-optic cables which are thinner than human hair.
Faster Internet speeds
Fiber is able to offer faster upload and download speeds and is transmitted on a dedicated line. This allows for more consistent and reliable speeds than cable.
Durable and resistant
Fiber is less likely to go down during a power outage and is resistant to signal interference such as electric lines.

Questions about Fiber

Does altafiber offer fiber internet?

altafiber is rapidly expanding our Fioptics network. Fioptics is a fiber-optic network that is already available to more than 500,000 homes in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana. We are bringing our fiber network to your neighborhood soon.

What is the fastest internet speed available?

altafiber offers internet speeds ranging from 400 Mbps to 2 Gig. Symmetrical upload and download speeds are included in your area up to 1 Gig. 

Are gigabit speeds available?

altafiber's Fioptics Internet is available up to 2 Gig in your area. The fastest plan that includes symmetrical speeds in your area is 1 Gig (upload and download). 

Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

We're so confident that you'll love the fiber difference, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. Try our service and if you don't like it, contact us and we won't bill you for your first month of service!

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¹ Limited-time offer. Only available to residential customers. Promotion requires new activation of service and eBill Subscription. Standard Prices are subject to change. Taxes, fees and equipment fees apply. Advertised Internet price does not include $9.99/mo. wireless gateway equipment fee. If equipment ever fails, Cincinnati Bell will support or replace your equipment at no charge. 30-day money-back guarantee on monthly recurring charges and activation fees for new TV or Internet service. No refunds for long-distance, Video-on-Demand (VOD) or PPV charges, taxes, surcharges or fees. Must request refund on new service(s) within 30 days of qualifying installation. Available while supplies last. ​All other terms and conditions can be found on this website under Legal Service Terms & Conditions.